Thursday, 7 May 2009

Hamburger Review: Holy Cow Lausanne

The second Hamburger review is that of the Holy Cow in downtown Lausanne. The burger joint is marketed as "organic" and "sustainable". Pictures of the farmer who is providing the meat as well as the backer who makes the bread are both displayed in the store.

Several burgers are offered made from beef, chicken, as well as a vegetarian patty. The bun is a made by a local baker from all natural ingredients and tastes a bit too much of a whole-wheat bread than a burger bun for my taste. All burgers are served with chips, although french fries are planed to be on the menu soon.
Overall the taste of the burger is alright, but the portion size is rather small. With a price of 7 CHf it's good value for money considering the quality and freshness of the products.

Rating: 3 out of 6


  1. Hi Oeyster! Considering Lausanne only knows about burgers from McDonalds :'( I'm a bit surprised you are so severe about the Holy Cow. The portion size is not small at all and the beef is the best I ever tasted, even in the US.
    And your comment about the lack of french fries sounds soooo... conventional! This is so SWISS to feel bothered when sth is not just quite the way you're used to, as well as your parents & grandparents were... Hey! I can only suggest that you, so-called burger adventurer, open a little bit your horizon in order to enjoy also the unexpected & unusual.

  2. Hi Cécile,

    just to disappoint you,... I am not swiss. But yes my grandparents definitely didn't like if things were not the way they were supposed to be. See all I am doing is give a judgment about my taste, and fair enough about the expectations I have. As you can see there is a very decent burger in lausanne at the LP bar (with very good fries as well). I recommend to try everything even if I rate it best. At most I can give a list of restaurants that I visited, and if you happen to be somewhere and crave for red meat, you know where to go.
    I also value any input. So except for saying that the meat was better than anything YOU ever had, I didn't get much valuable feedback...

  3. Ok, yes... I agree that decent fries would be a nice addition to it, yet I consider it the best american style burger in Lausanne! I'll tell you why:
    Ever heard of the 6 dollar burger from Carl's Junior? Well... they were basically giving the biggest, nastiest burger you could find, while making fun of those "overpriced gourmet burgers". 1-A burger should be a fast, tasty, economic and quality meal.
    How about the friendly staff and fine service? Sorry to say... but even at the LP or any Michelin 3 star restaurant in Switzerland, service is far from great. 2-A burger should be served with a smile, friendly chit-chat or at least an "enjoy". Holy Cow is one of the friendliest places in town.
    3-Options my friend... OPTIONS!!! I will not go on to comparing any american vs. swiss supermarket, pharmacy, department store, etc. but look at the menu of most burger joints in the US and you will find a wide variety of burgers, toppings, etc.

    In the end... How can you compare a 30 CHF to a 7 CHF burger?
    Found the portion to small? How about eating 4 of them and leaving a nice tip?

    Just to clarify, I do not work there nor have any relation what so ever with the owners. I have been living in Lausanne for over two years and have been to every single burger place around.
    Although it took a while, I finally got to the point where I don't feel ripped-off every time I sit down for a meal. I am a frequent at Great Escape and think they provide the best taste&size/price ratio (and they sell beer! oh and fantastic fries by the way). Nonetheless, spending less than 10 bucks on a good burger somehow always makes me enjoy it even more.

    Hope you find any of this "valuable feedback" in some way.